Top 10 Safety Guidelines About Electricity Consumption | MEPCO Electricity Consumer [Must Know] 

Even though Electricity has become one of the main necessities of our lives, the danger caused by it should not be ignored if it is not handled carefully.

This article will introduce you to the Top 10 Safety Guidelines that can save you and your family’s life so all that you need to do is to read the whole article thoroughly and know the precautions you can take while using MEPCO Electricity Supply 

Top 10 MEPCO Safety Guidelines

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MEPCO Electricity Top 10 Safety Guidelines | List of Precautions

The Mepco Electrical Team, with its most outstanding service, gives its consumers with some essential safety guidelines to ensure the safety of their lives. To avoid an unpleasant incident, it is essential to follow all safety precautions.

Therefore follow the given Safety Instructions given by MEPCO Officials.

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Immediate Action for Current Leakage or Fallen Wires:

In case of witness any power line or wire falling on the ground, it is your first and foremost priority to inform any MEPCO nearest complaint Center or call 061-9220169

Caution Against Using Electricity Cables for Clothes:

It is very dangerous to use Electricity wires for hanging clothes as clothes are wet and it catches electricity rapidly.

Caution with Drying Clothes and Metallic Wires:

Customers, particularly women, should be cautious not to spread wet garments for drying on an iron or another metallic wire, as these are good conductors and an electric current may travel through them during the wet season. Instead, use a cotton cord for this purpose.

Safety Concerns with Animals and Electricity Poles:

Just like that, animals should not be tied against electricity poles or their stay wires to avoid possible fatal accidents.

Proper Use of Plugs and Switches:

It is very important to be careful while using switchboards for plugging or Unplugging any device. Always use proper plugs and switches for electrical appliances.

Electrical Appliance Safety for Children:

To ensure their safety, children should not be permitted to remove a shoe from a plug or move a running electric fan from one location to another during the monsoon season. Parents need to be more precocious in the case of their little children 

Three-Pin Shoe Safety Procedures:

For electrical equipment, use three-pin shoes to ensure correct grounding. When using an electric iron or washing machine, place non-conductors (dry fabric, blanket, or wood) under your feet.

Safe Rescue Measures in Electrical Emergencies:

In the case of a serious emergency, you should not try to help the person on your ownself rather you should ask for help from the MEPCO Helpline If a person gets entangled with a naked live wire, use a dry bamboo or wooden rod for rescue. Avoid physically touching the person or wire to prevent electrocution accidents.

Prompt Repair of Naked Wires and Joints:

Immediately repair or tape naked wires and their joints in houses, shops, factories, etc. Worn electric wiring should be replaced promptly.

Safety Advisory for Kite Flying Near Electricity Lines:

Kite flying near power lines and other electrical facilities should be avoided as wet kite string can cause deadly or non-fatal electrocution if it comes into contact with live wires or a transformer. In this manner, short-circuiting could potentially result in the suspension of power supply to a large number of consumers, causing them inconvenience for an extended length of time until the string is removed from the line and any probable technical defect, if any, is corrected. Metallic and chemical strings should never be used for kite flying since they are dangerous to people and electrical installations.

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These are some of the common and most important Safety advice for power consumers so that they can live a healthy and safe life we all know that the safety of an individual citizen is MEPCO’s Priority.


In conclusion, this article has presented important safety instructions for MEPCO electricity customers, highlighting the fundamental necessity for caution when using electrical appliances. Individuals can not only protect themselves but also contribute to the overall safety of their family by following these top ten safety practices.

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