Top 10 Ways to Reduce Mepco Bill Charges? Complete Guide

Electricity has become one of the major necessities of our lives as it is utilized in running appliances and devices, powering our homes, and mostly everything we are using nowadays requires power to work. This resulted in large amounts of Electricity Bill Charges which became the most dangerous thing in the lives of poor people.


Therefore this article simply guides you through some of the most popular and important aspects of utilizing your power Connection to save and reduce the MEPCO Electricity Bill, empowering individuals and families to become more mindful energy consumers and environmental stewards.

Top 15 Ways To Save and Reduce MEPCO Electricity Bill at Home

Are you concerned about the enormous amount of money charged on your Mepco bill

Then read this article thoroughly because this article will walk you through some most easy and helpful steps that would be enough to evolve your life within a month.

Follow the given technique to reduce the Mepco Bill: 

Switch off the Lights and electricity appliances when not in use 

Switching off lights and appliances to save energy is one of the simplest and most efficient strategies to minimize your MEPCO Bill Payment in the future. It is a common practice to keep items running even when they are not in use, which is bad for future power generation since constantly running an electricity device might use endless electricity, resulting in a large electricity bill.

That is why we should turn off appliances while they are not in use. This free-of-cost habit can help us reduce the amount of power we use.

Reduce the Consumption of Electricity in peak hours 

For the customer’s benefit, the MEPCO itself advises them and introduces them to a time at which they should not use their electricity which is known as Peak Hours at which the electricity Consumes more units. Therefore they guide their customers that if they want to reduce their MEPCO Electricity Bill, they should not use electricity in the peak time. 


Make use of Energy Efficient Appliances: 

Making use of efficient appliances in your daily life is one of the healthier and more beneficial ways to save your power consumption. Energy-efficient devices consume less energy than regular household electrical appliances to reduce MEPCO electricity bills.

Before purchasing devices, look for the Energy Star Symbol to validate their energy efficiency. This symbol signifies that the appliance satisfies the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) global energy-efficiency requirements.

Installation of Solar System 

Installing a solar energy system in your house can help you save money on your power costs while also lowering your environmental impact. Solar energy is one of the least expensive methods of using power, and it has a significant impact on your electricity bill. 

This will further help to reduce the MEPCO Electricity Bill and also one of the environmentally friendly methods which will not harm the ecosystem in any way.

Renew the UPS Batteries 

When batteries begin to fail, attempt to replace them as soon as possible.

Because discharge time reduces with passing time and charging time continually increases, increasing power usage. And there are more bills.

Installation of LED Lights 

LED lighting may help you conserve energy in a variety of ways. LED lamps consume less energy than incandescent bulbs. Only around 10% of the power consumed by incandescent bulbs is converted into light, with the remainder being squandered as heat. In contrast, LEDs may convert up to 80% of the power they consume into light.

Utilization of an Energy-Efficient Water Heater 

Like all the other appliances such as Air Conditioner, Water Heaters all consume a large amount of energy which in turn increases our bill cost therefore the best and alternative way to have warm water is to install an energy-efficient Heater in your house which will reduce the Mepco Electricity Bill as it consume less energy as compared to most of other Heaters.

Maximizing the use of natural light during the day 

Increasing the use of natural light i.e sunlight is one of the effective ways to reduce your power cost in addition it also brings a comfy and natural vibe to your home.

This can be done in several ways : 

  • By arranging furniture and opting for lighter windows. 
  • Light-colored paint is preferable for walls and ceilings because it reflects light more efficiently, making the area appear brighter and more open.
  • Remove any of the furniture or plants placed in the way of sunlight passage so that light can not be abstracted by an object.
  • Clean windows regularly to eliminate debris, dust, or grime that might obstruct light transmission.

Analyze your consumed units regularly.

Monitoring your daily electricity consumption by reading your Mepco New Connection meter is the best strategy for managing electricity usage. Being proactive in monitoring electricity usage can help save more energy and reduce your monthly bills. 

Installation of Solar Panel in Your House : 

Your dependency on WAPDA Power company can be reduced if you go for Solar Panels. 

Solar Panels are a type of device that should be installed on the roof of a house because they generate electricity by using natural energy coming from the sun this in turn reduces MEPCO Electricity Bill Costs.

5 Amazing Ways to Efficiency the Performance of Electrical Appliances

Increasing the efficiency of electrical appliances can lead to an unbelievable step in the reduction of Electricity Bill costs, which is already explained above.

Now If you also want to know those 5 amazing ways to enhance the performance of your Electrical Appliances read these points thoroughly:

  • Clean and maintain your appliances regularly to eliminate dust and debris and ensure adequate ventilation and heat dissipation.
  • To avoid overheating and fire concerns, avoid overloading outlets or extension cables. Surge protectors should be used for sensitive gadgets.
  • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer to avoid ice buildup, improve cooling performance, and save electricity.
  • Refrigerator/freezer and air conditioner thermostat settings should be adjusted to acceptable levels.
  • Replace worn-out parts including water filters, belts, and gaskets to improve appliance performance and longevity.

For further concerns, You can also contact the very friendly MEPCO staff on the Helpline number which is available around the clock, or can also visit their center in your district. 


In the last,  using energy-efficient techniques and smart appliances may greatly reduce your MEPCO electricity Bill while also contributing to environmental sustainability. 

Keep in mind that every step toward energy saving matters, and the cumulative impact of individual actions may lead to a more sustainable future.

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