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If you are here to gain knowledge about what Net Metering is or you want to know how this function works to save your electricity Bill then this post will tell you each and everything related to MEPCO net metering.

Net Metering is basically utilizing a renewable source of energy, solar energy by generating your own energy and selling the extra energy generated to the power station so that customers can save money on the MEPCO electricity bill. This is a smart and effective approach for saving money while conserving energy. 

Net Metering MEPCO Electricty full description

Note that this application is not available for all MEPCO consumers but only those energy consumers who have authority from the Electricity companies can go for Net Metering. For the sake of customers, NEPRA has already enacted the net metering regulation.

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How can I apply for Net Metering | Full Procedure and Requirments 

As previously stated, no one can apply for MEPCO net metering since the applicant must first become eligible to apply for Net Metering through a technical application process. The idea of net Metering gained popularity because adoption of its self-renewable energy sources.

Complete Procedure For the Application of MEPCO Net Metering 

There are some specific Rules and policies assigned by the NEPRA for the Installation of Net Metering, you have to go through the following process for the application of MEPCO Net Metering.

  • Your first and foremost step for the Net Metering installation should be your eligibility check through the guidelines assigned by NEPRA. Individuals must present to the DISCO office the relevant application documentation. 
  • As the verification starts by the DISCO, the consumer must wait until the whole verification is completed. Depending on the scheduling of the DISCO’s office, the entire procedure might take a week or ten working days.
  • If in case of any customer, there would be any type of inconvenience or late in the process they can resubmit their application within 7 days.
  • DISCOs will go through a preliminary evaluation after completing the requisite application, which will take 20 working days. In the event of a failure, the firm will inform the applicant of the cause of the failure and will reject the application.
  • Once the DISCO is satisfied with all the documentation checks and its validation an agreement will be signed between the Customer and DG within the period of One month.
  • After the agreement, the applicant and DISCO will send the Agreement to NEPRA, who will award a power-generating license within 7 working days. 
  • The DISCO and the consumer both keep a connection charge estimate (CCE). The consumer must deposit the specified amount in the authorized bank and notify the DISCO.

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These steps are the most simplest and complete guidance to MEPCO Net Metering Installation, but not only learning the procedure can help you out because everything needs some essential requirements to enhance its verification and that also has to be done for this application.

 Essential Requirments for MEPCO Net Metering 

We have brought you some very crucial piece of information which is having a larger impact on the Net Metering installation. 

The Documents which should be there when you are applying for MEPCO Net Metering are as Follows:

  • When applying for net metering, you must have a copy of your CNIC on hand.
  • a copy of the most recent electric bill
  • As a needed document, the inverter’s serial number is also required.
  • Along with the net metering application, you must include the inverter datasheet.
  • A solar panel datasheet is also necessary when applying for net metering.
  • A 50 or 100 rupee affidavit
  • A presentation layout diagram of a full solar system.
  • AEBD permission requires a corporate invoice from the person who will install the entire setup.

As these requirements further improve your status and portfolio the chances for your application acceptance increase.

If you still confront any type of misconception of facing any technical fault then you may contact MEPCO helpline support. They will guide you step by step for your solution.

How Net Metering Works : 

Do you want to learn how Net Metering works then here is the complete and easiest guide for you to understand its mechanism: 

  • Generate solar energy. Sunlight is converted into direct current (DC) power by your solar panels.
  • Convert DC to alternating current power. An inverter turns direct current (DC) power into alternating current (AC) electricity, which your house and the grid use.
  • Utilize the electricity you produce. The alternating current power is then routed to your home’s electrical system and distributed to your appliances and lighting.
  • Send any extra power to the grid. If you create more power than you consume, the excess will be returned to the grid.
MEPCO Net Metering Online Application
  • Get credit for any surplus electricity. Your utility provider will credit you for any surplus power generated at the retail rate. This implies that you will earn a credit on your electricity account for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of power you create and transmit back to the grid.
  • Credits can be used to offset future power use. The credits you earn can be used to offset your future power use. This implies you’ll be charged less for power in months when you create more than you consume.
  • Pay for any unused power. If you consume more power than you create, you will be charged for the difference at the retail rate of electricity.

Net Metering Crucial Eligibility Check 

Before applying for the MEPCO Net Metering one should confirm whether his application will be processed or not which means that they should check the eligibility criteria allotted by the Pakistan Electricity System.

This system is further modernized by the introduction of the MEPCO MIS application that contains all the required data of their power consumers so that it can be easily updated and monetized

Load balancing

It is the most important aspect of net metering. Even if an individual can use a net metering facility that exceeds the 3KW capacity of a solar system, the entire electricity load supplied to the meter must be less than the solar system capacity. The net value of the whole electricity supplied to the meter, however, must be 2KW or less.

Grid Connectivity

Net metering necessitates grid connectivity. This implies that the customer’s solar panels must be linked to the electrical grid in order for them to sell excess energy back to the grid.

3-Phase Meter Must be Available:

Net metering necessitates the use of a bi-directional meter, which measures the flow of power in both directions. A bi-directional meter is required to track the quantity of power generated by a client as well as the amount of electricity used from the grid.

Differentiation Between Net Metering and Net Billing

There is a very prominent and simplest difference between the two distinct systems illustrated below which will hopefully clear your misconception and query about the two systems: 

Net Metering Net Billing
Net metering is a direct billing mechanism. This means you get an amount of cash on your power account for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity you create and send back to the grid. The credit is equivalent to the retail rate of power, which is the rate you pay for grid electricityThis implies that you will receive less than the retail rate for your extra power. In other words, you are selling your surplus power to the grid at a cheaper price than you are purchasing it from the grid. 

Price of Net Metering In Pakistan 

The cost of net metering is determined by system capacity and monthly power use. According to estimates, the minimal beginning price for net metering in Pakistan is 80,000 to 120,000, which might grow depending on demand and capacity. 

Currently, the government of Pakistan, in partnership with banks and commercial finance businesses, gives solar system facilities to every citizen for long-term use. By taking out loans or financing in convenient payments, you may convert your power use to solar panels. 

Bill Calculation & Flow of Electricity 

Another significant aspect of Net Metering that should be noted is its peak hours, which are between 5 pm and 10 pm. During this time, the charge for power consumption is greater, thus one should utilize their electricity consumption in a very limited quantity. 

  • These units are Imported from the Grid Station to the home to fulfill electricity for usage.
  • These units are Exported to the Grid station by the Solar system owner/ business.
Billing Calculation of  Net Metering 
                   Peak Hours Bill     —        OFF Peak Hours               =      Net Bill

Let’s calculate the supposed value for Peak hours and Off-peak hours as follows: 

Peak Hours Bill  1800
OFF-Peak Hours Bill  2550
Net Bill  – 750

Solar System Capacity Is Required for Residential Use

Don’t acquire a home-based solar system until you know exactly what you need. Making the proper option will help you save both time and money. The capacity and units utilized by the solar system are listed below.

Monthly Units consumedSolar System Capacity


MEPCO Net Metering is a great service that may assist clients in saving money on their power bills while also reducing their environmental effects. Customers may minimize their dependency on traditional energy sources and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future by generating their own power and selling the surplus back to the grid. This system has both types of customers Residential and commercial.

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