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Are you looking for your electricity Bill rate?

This article will guide you to all types of MEPCO Tariffs and bill rates that are currently applied on the MEPCO Bill. The Bill rate is not constant for all the types it continuously changes according to the year or some other circumstances. In 2024, for example, your MEPCO bill rates will be based on the MEPCO tariff prices, which are determined by NEPRA based on the supply and production of electricity.

MEPCO tariff and bill rates check

The MEPCO tariff rate can be confusing, so if you’re looking for clear instructions and accurate rate information, you’ve come to the right place. This article covers the MEPCO tariff rates for all the different categories. Scroll down to view your bill rates if you’d like easy access to all the details about this standard system.

MEPCO Tariff and Per Unit Rate 

First of all, it is important to know what the MEPCO Unit rate is.

It is an amount of money charged by the companies on utilizing one unit of electricity. You can easily measure the charges per unit with the MEPCO Unit calculator which is accessible. In addition, MEPCO has a policy of monthly billing therefore the consumer utilizing MEPCO Electricity supply has to do the MEPCO Bill Payment every month.

MEPCO Tariff for general supply residential

Here is the MEPCO Tariff for residential electricity supply: 

  • The monthly cost for single-phase connections is Rs. 75 per customer.
  • The monthly cost for three-phase connections is Rs. 150 per customer.
MEPCO tariff rates calculate unit

MEPCO Tariff for General Supply Commercial

If you are utilizing your power commercially for any type of business and in factories then the rate of MEPCO Tariff per unit is given below:

  • The monthly cost for single-phase connections is Rs. 175 per customer.
  • Three Phase Connections: Rs. 350/- per consumer per month
Time of UsePeakOff-Peak

MEPCO Tariff For Industrial Supply 

To meet the higher demand for power consumption, the electricity provided to industrial regions is different and higher from the residential application therefore the rate of energy per unit consumed is different for industrial supply.

Below are the complete details about it: 

  • The B1 Affiliates shall be charged a fixed minimum of Rs. 350/- per month
  •  For B2 Affiliates shall be charged a fixed minimum of Rs. 2000/- per month
  •  For B3 Affiliates shall be charged a fixed minimum of Rs. 50,000/- per month
  •  For B4 Affiliates shall be charged a fixed minimum of Rs. 500,000/- per month

Customers can select between peak and off-peak rates if their approved loads are 5 kW or more:

Time of UsePeakOff-Peak

MEPCO Tariff New Connection Charges | Update 2024

The charges applied on the New Connection Meter depend upon the connection that the consumer has installed and as soon as all the required documents and formalities are verified by the MEPCO service you will receive a demand notice.

MEPCO tariff rates

So that the consumer can further process their new connection and do all their billing requirements in the accurate bank, MEPCO will sign their power supply contract for the new connection. To determine the total new connection price for each application, MEPCO will review the wiring test report and demand notices, regardless of whether they have been paid or not.

Statement of Withholding Tax for MEPCO

At the time when the payer submits their MEPCO Bill to the bank the tax charges are withheld from it and sent to the tax authorities. 

Therefore to have the statement of Withholding from MEPCO you have to follow these steps: 

  • Contact MEPCO’s Tax Department
  • Give MEPCO the relevant transaction information, such as the amount and mode of payment.
  • Speak with tax authorities like the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for assistance.
  • Try getting in touch with MEPCO directly for the most up-to-date information, or look for expert guidance in Pakistan.

If in case any of the MEPCO consumers face some difficulty related to the MEPCO Bill or payments then they are free to ask for support on the MEPCO helpline system which is 24\7 available so that they can assist you. 


The electricity rate for consuming 300 Units in Pakistan is 6642.00

The proposed tariff increase is Rs. 7.5 per unit for customers using 401-500, 501-600, and 601-700 units. This implies that the current rates for these customers will rise from Rs27. 74 to Rs35. 24 per unit, or Rs29.

Open your messaging app, create a new message, and enter your consumer number from your electricity bill to check your MEPCO bill via SMS. As you wait for a response, an SMS with the details of your current bill—including the amount owed—should arrive. Verify the bill amount and confirmation carefully.

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