How To Apply For MEPCO New Connection? Required Document For New Connection In 2024

Stop your further research about MEPCO New Connection because this article will take you through all the basic and important steps so that you will know how to apply for New Connection and why this change has occurred. 

mepco new connection

In this post, you will learn how to apply for MEPCO New Connection Online or by visiting their official office. If you are already a MEPCO customer, then you must check your latest bill from here

MEPCO New Connection

MEPCO New Connection is basically a name change of the existing connection or load reduction. You will be presented with a simple form to select the kind of electrical connection. Be sure to select MEPCO from the list of distribution companies. Complete the remaining fields, attach scanned copies of the necessary paperwork, and apply for a new connection.

You may discover detailed instructions on how to apply for a new connection by scrolling down to this article. Additionally, MEPCO Helpline Support is available to you 24/7 in case you have any difficulty or technical problems. 

MEPCO New Connection Procedure 

Suppose you are looking for an MEPCO New Connection Procedure for Online application from your comfort zone. In that case, you will be guided thoroughly in the steps below.

Some major steps should be taken while changing your MEPCO name to New Connection; they are as follows :

mepco new connection application
  • First and the vital step is to download the MEPCO New Connection Form from the MEPCO Bill website, within the form you are required to provide the following information 
  1. Your personal details (name, CNIC number, address, etc.)
  2. Your property information (address, ownership status, etc.)
  3. Your desired load (in kW)
  • Once all the required fields have been completed, the next step is to attach the crucial document that should be linked to the MEPCO New connection.
  1. Copy of your CNIC
  2. Copy of your property ownership documents (e.g., title deed, lease agreement, etc.)
  3. NOC from the relevant authority (if applicable)
  4. Demand Note (if applicable)
  • The completed form and any attachments can be sent to the MEPCO customer service location that is closest to you.
  • A processing fee will be charged for your new connection application. The intended load determines the processing charge. A table of processing costs for the various load categories is shown below:
Load categoryProcessing fee
Domestic (up to 5 kW)PKR 1,500
Commercial (up to 5 kW)PKR 2,500
Industrial (up to 5 kW)PKR 3,500
  • Your application will be processed and approved by MEPCO in 5-7 working days.
  • Once your application has been accepted, an MEPCO crew will begin installing the new meter. 
  • Once your meter has been installed you are free to use electricity 
  • The timeline for a new MEPCO connection is as follows:
  •    Application processing: 5-7 working days
  • Meter installation : 3 – 5 working days

Steps by Category and Projected Time

Based on the intended load, MEPCO has separated the new connection categories into three groups:

        Category 1: Up to 15 kW (Domestic) 

        Category 2: 16 to 70 kW (Commercial and Industrial) 

        Category 3: 71 to 500 kW (Commercial and Industrial)

Depending on the category, different new connections have different processing times and costs. Category 3 connections are the most complicated and need the longest time to complete, whereas Category 1 connections are the easiest and fastest.

Category # 1

All users with electrical loads up to 15 kW fall under category one. The connection request for this category will be approved by the Assistant Manager Operation or SDO. Processing for Category One takes about 30 days.

On submission of the application form, the relevant office will issue a receipt. The office will also create a seniority register according to the date of application submission, and the applicant will have access to it.1 day 
The inspection team will inspect whether it is possible to set up the connection or not. The team will inform the applicant accordingly. 3 days
If connection setup is possible, costs will be estimated.2 days
The applicant will receive the demand notice in person or by post.2 days
The applicant will submit the receipt of the paid demand notice.2 days
The applicant will submit Wiring Contractor`s Test Report. MEPCO office will verify it.3 days
In accordance with the dues submission date, the office will prepare a priority list of applicants.1 day
The office will issue the orders of service connection.3 days.
The office will contact the store to provide the required equipment to set up the connection.3 days
The store will provide the necessary equipment.5 days
SDO / Assistant Manager will set up the connection after the availability of equipment.5 days

Category # 2

All customers with electrical loads between 16 and 70 kW at 400 volts fall under category two.

The category two connection procedure at Mepco is identical to the category one process, although it can take up to 44 days for the Deputy Manager of Operation to approve the request.

Category # 3(71 to 500 kW / 400 volts)

Category two includes all consumers with electricity loads between 71 to 500 kW /400 volts. Mepco’s category-3 connection process is almost similar to category one’s but can take up to 73 days. The manager of Operation will approve the connection request for this category.

MEPCO New Connection Tracking

Whether you have applied for a new connection or a change of name, MEPCO tariff, or load, you may monitor the progress of your application. You must have the Tracking ID for your application, which you were given after submitting the application, in order to monitor it.

  • Go to the ENC website.
  • In the sidebar, select Track.
  • Choose the type of application, such as a new connection or a name, tariff, or load change.
  • Choose the business, in this example MEPCO.
  • After inputting your Tracking ID, click the submit option. 

In summary

In conclusion, there are two methods of applying for MEPCO New Connection. It can be done either Online or by visiting any nearest center where you can directly register for your new meter. 

To apply online, go to ENC’s official website and adhere to the previously stated procedure. You may follow your application and print the demand notice via the ENC website.

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