How To Register Complaint At Mepco Complaint Center | Complete Guide 2024

Suppose you’re afraid of a serious energy outage in your neighborhood or a problem with your MEPCO bill Online Check. In that case, you shouldn’t be because this page outlines all the important actions that MEPCO customers are requesting.

MEPCO Complaint center

If you are facing any difficulty or issues related to the MEPCO, then you can easily register your Complaint at the MEPCO Complaint Center; this is one of the largest customer service providing portals, which operates around the clock to handle your complaints and resolve them as quickly as possible. It is easily approachable at their helpline, which is  0800-63726 (MEPCO Complaint Number). Additionally, you can send them a message on 8118.

How to Register YOUR Complaint at MEPCO Complaint Center | guide Step By Step 

MEPCO Complaint Center is basically a department that operates 24\7 hours in order to file the complaints they get from their electricity consumer so that they can be resolved by every possible means

There are many ways to file your Complaint at the MEPCO( Multan Electricity Power Company) Complain Center. 

Contacting MEPCO Customer Service:

This is the first step that comes to mind when the person is tackling any type of problem; they can easily contact MEPCO Helpline Service or Customer Service and share their concerns at their helpline number, which is available on their official website.

Visiting Your Nearest MEPCO Center:

One of the most popular methods for all electricity users, this one allows them to visit the nearest Mepco Complaint Center, where employees may assist clients with their questions and provide guidance as needed.  

Track your Complaint By Keeping Records:

If the customers are confronting any complication related to their electricity supply or a problem with their meter, then they virtually approach their support for the Complaint; as soon as they register your Complaint, they will assign you a Complaint Reference Number because records of your complaint reference number and every conversation you have with MEPCO must be kept. This will enable you to monitor the status of your issue.

The MEPCO personnel will handle and monitor your Complaint, and they will provide you with accurate guidance to ensure that your issue is resolved.

MEPCO Electricity Complaint Number | Latest Update 

Here is the Solution for all your Problems with just a single phone call.

Suppose you are concerned about the MEPCO Billing problem, a sudden breakdown in your area, or a meter problem. In that case, you can easily get through this problem in a few minutes.

Below are some official MEPCO Helpline numbers for Customer Support 

  • 061-9210334
  • 061-9210389
  • 061-6784815

They are all attentive and willing to assist.

I have come up with another fast trick that can make your life much easier because you can now check your Bill easily with just a Single click at the MEPCO Online Bill Calculator. Here, you can check the amount of units that are consumed and also calculate the Mepco Monthly Bill. 

MEPCO Helpline and Customer Complaint Management System

MEPCO helpline and customer Complaint Management System (CCMS) basically work for the consumers of MEPCO to register, track, or monitor their complaints and the issues they have been facing so that all their queries can be resolved at the speed of light by the passionate MEPCO working Staff.

The MEPCO Distribution Areas state that services are offered in 13 districts in southern Punjab, a sizable area to oversee. For this reason, the MEPCO Complaint Center is powerful and extremely effective, allowing customers to file complaints without encountering any difficulties.

However, in case of any technical issues, if your electrical issues are not resolved, or if you do not receive a prompt response, you need to worry! The PITC Portal is an additional choice you have. Punjab Information Technology Company is investigating and seeking to resolve your problems related to electricity.

PITC Complaint Procedure

Following are the steps to make your Complaint through PITC 

  • Create an account on the PITC CCMS website:
  • Log in and click “Register Complaint.”
  • Select your complaint type and provide a description.
  • Upload any supporting documents and click “Submit.”

MEPCO Complaint Registration: Online Form 

It is also one of the very efficient methods for registering your MEPCO Complaint Online Via form; this Online form is basically available at the Mepco Electricity service official site so that you can easily fill out the form by entering the subject of your query in it and the information you have been asked so that they can understand the problem you are facing and work for its solution. 

It is a single-stop shop for anything pertaining to transmission, electricity supply, annoying load-shedding issues, billing irregularities, or even installing a New Connection meter.

MEPCO Complaint Directory: Bridging the Gap Between Your Concerns and Effective Resolution

Are you suffering from some sudden issue rise in your electricity supply or another related issue? Then you have landed on the right page as this will guide you toward your destination of the MEPCO Complaint Center so that you can share your queries and problems with their professional Staff, who are working very hard for your comfort.

You can use the staff phone directory at MEPCO to get in contact with their friendly personnel.

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MEPCO Staff DesignationOffice Phone Number-ExtensionMobile Number
MEPCO Chief Executive Officer (CEO)061-92202220345-4401111
Personal Assistant (PA) to CEO061-9220222-20020333-6142149
P.A/C.O061-9220205- 20050300-9632289
Staff Officer061-9220205-20050300-8730910

Email-based MEPCO Online Complaint Registration

Customers of Multan Power can send complaints to MEPCO at the regional level by email at the following addresses:

MEPCO RegionsEmail
Complaint Center Multan[email protected]
Complaint Center Bahawalpur[email protected]
Complaint Center Rahim Yar Khan[email protected]
Complaint Center Sahiwal[email protected]
Complaint Center Muzaffargarh[email protected]
Complaint Center Vehari[email protected]
Complaint Center DG Khan[email protected]
Complaint Center Bahawalnagar[email protected]

MEPCO Complaint: Electricity Theft 

Electricity theft is one of the major crimes that is most visible in different areas of Pakistan. Therefore, the government and the official companies of electricity providers are working persistently to combat these law spoilers.

In this post, we will guide you that if you see anyone stealing electricity, you can immediately inform the MEPCO helpline number 0800-84338, or you might reach them at the official website.

The actions to take if you see Power-stealing are as follows.

  • The first and foremost thing is to dial the MEPCO Helpline number 0800-84338. This is always available for customer support 
  • When your conversation with the MEPCO Personnel starts, you are required to give all the following information about theft. 
  •   Name of the theft 
  • Address of the theft 
  • The property where the crime is happening 
  • You can hang up once you’ve delivered all of the facts. MEPCO will hear your message loud and clear.

We can all work together to put an end to electricity theft and keep our energy system working properly.

MEPCO Helpline for Customer Support 

If you are a citizen of Multan and a consumer of electricity, MEPCO has your back. You may contact them via their complaint numbers and email address to learn more about a variety of issues.

MEPCO helpline and customer support
  • You can find about the load-shedding schedule 
  • You can also get information on MEPCO MIS, which contains a range of information on different topics 
  • You may also check out your meter connection
  • Now, about their updated policies 
  • Resolve problems with poor WAPDA wiring.
  • Maintain a record of your MEPCO concerns.
  • Also, learn about sudden emergency training just in case.

All your queries will be answered without any hesitation because customer satisfaction is MEPCO’s priority.

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