What is FPA in Mepco Bill? | Complete Detail About FPA

Do you also want to learn about FPA in your MEPCO Electricity Bill?

Then there is the whole information you can know about FPA (fuel price advertisement) in Pakistan, and nowadays it become one of the controversial issues throughout the MEPCO consumers.


Therefore this article contains all the essential information related to your FPA in your Mepco bill as we are well aware of the cost of power, F.C. surcharge, T.R. surcharge, TV fee, GST on FPA, and GST are among the various costs that are broken down into each electricity bill but the things we need to understand is What is FPA? 

The Lahore High Court recently decided that FPA was not completely established under the NEPRA Act, making it unconstitutional and preventing it from being included in power bills. As a consumer, you should be aware of additional surcharges like GST, FPA, TV fees, FC surcharges, and TR surcharges that could be applied to your bills.

What is FPA in the MEPCO Electricity Bill 

This question is mainly common in all types of electricity consumers which means not only MEPCO. The FPA in the Electricity Bill is not only added by the MEPCO But it is an additional tax that has to be in the Electricity Bills because there are many equipment that need to be run on fuel therefore the prices are set according to its usage.

The second most important thing is that Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is not fixed, it changes when there is a change in the Fuel price by the government. Sometimes it increases and sometimes it decreases. NEPRA maintains these variations in FPA in electricity bills. Our electricity Consumers need more knowledge about the FPA and other additional charges that they see on their electricity Bills, that is why this article is published to clarify all the doubts about FPA.

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Fuel Price Adjustment Category 

Another important thing to know is that the fuel price adjustment is divided into two categories:

FPA Paid to the Government:FPA Paid to the Company:
This is the portion of the FPA fee paid to the Pakistani government. This money is used by the government to subsidize the cost of power for low-income consumers.The portion of the FPA payment paid to the power company. This money is used by the electrical company to cover the cost of fuel that it has incurred.

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How to Calculate FPA in Electricity Bills 

Calculating FPA in your Electricity bill can be a little challenging for the consumer if he would like to do it by himself because the Fuel prices are not constrained and keep on changing, but if you are quite sure that you can check your FPA charges in your MEPCO Bill then here is a very simple method you can go for.

Calculate FPA in MEPCO Bill

If you want to calculate the FPA Charge in your MEPCO bill then you can easily do it by applying the following formula:

FPA = (Current Fuel Price – Base Fuel Price) * Consumption

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) sets the current fuel price depending on the cost of fuel imports and other considerations. The base price of fuel is a set price set by NEPRA. The customer’s consumption is the amount of electricity consumed in kilowatt-hours (kWh). You should also check out the current rate of FPA from the MEPCO Site.

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General Process of Electricity Distribution & Usage

If you are consuming Electricity from any power station then it is a very crucial thing to understand its procedure for how it reaches you after passing through several steps. In general, it is a very complicated thing to understand a common person but in this article, we have provided you with all the information straightforwardly and authentically so that you can easily catch up in your mind.

It provides general information about the entire process below. 

Electricity generation Electricity is generated at the power plant, by converting the Energy from various sources into Electrical Energy.
Electricity Transmission The generated electricity is then delivered via high-voltage transmission lines from power plants to substations.
Electricity Distribution Using MEPCO and other distribution companies
Electricity Utilization Electricity is used for a variety of reasons in homes, businesses, and industrial sites.

For further queries or Information, you can contact the MEPCO Official Helpline Support

Factors that influence FPA in MEPCO Electricity Bills 

There are multiple factors which are affecting the FPA price in MEPCO Electricity Bills:

Fuel costs:

The pricing of fuels such as natural gas, oil, and coal has a considerable impact on the FPA. The FPA charges may increase or decrease as the cost of these fuels fluctuates.

Dollar rate: 

Because Pakistan depends on imported fuels, fluctuations in the dollar rate might affect the cost of importing fuel. These swings can have an impact on FPA charges on electricity bills.

Economic conditions: 

A country’s overall economic stability has an indirect impact on FPA pricing. When a country relies on imported fuels, economic variables can influence fuel prices, affecting FPA charges.


FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment) is facing so much contradiction nowadays due to the declaration of it to be illegal from the Lahore High Court and asking to omit it as soon as possible. However, it is still added in the Bill charges therefore This article has offered a thorough review of FPA, including its definition, computation, and influencing factors. The paper also covered the general process of power distribution and utilization.

Consumers can better understand their electricity bills and make informed decisions about their energy consumption if they understand FPA and the factors that influence it.


FPA stands for Fuel price adjustment

GST stands for General sales tax.

Reading an electricity bill in Pakistan involves understanding the different components, such as account information, billing period, current charges, fixed charges, taxes and surcharges, previous balances and adjustments, and total payable amount.

If your connected load decreases, you can ask for a load reduction. After you apply, the location is inspected, and appropriate action is taken, such as altering the meter (if necessary) or taking other measures.

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