How to Check Mepco Wapda Bill Online | Detailed Process for Consumers 

A few years ago, it was always difficult for any electricity user to check their bills online. However, with the advent of the digital age in Pakistan, people can now access their Bijli bills online with ease. This is because our website offers one of the greatest trackers, making it simple for you to check your Mepco bill online from the comfort of your own home.

How to Check Mepco Wapda Bill Online Detailed Process for Consumers

Read this post carefully if you want to understand how to check your MEPCO Wapda bill online. It will walk you through the easy procedures to check your Mepco bill for this month.

Mepco Wapda Bill Online Check 

You receive a monthly bill from Mepco, the company that provides power in Multan and other chosen cities in Pakistan. In the present day, it is crucial to understand how to check your Mepco Wapda bill online. With the help of this online service, you can access various services and get all the tools you’ll need to pay your Mepco online bill.

MEPCO WAPDA Online Bill Management

Keeping track of necessary utilities like power bills has gotten easier in the era of digital ease. In many parts of Pakistan, the Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), a division of WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority), is an essential source of electricity. Using technology to make bill administration more effective and convenient, we will walk you through the process of checking your MEPCO WAPDA bill online step-by-step in this detailed guide. 

mepco wapda bill online check

The days of processing bills by hand are becoming less common with the variety of online tools and platforms available to you. Come along as we unravel the complexities of viewing your MEPCO WAPDA statement online, clearing up any confusion and equipping you with the tools you need to conveniently handle your power bills from the comfort of your own home.

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How to check MEPCO Wapda Bill Online 

Here is a simple guide for all of you to check the MEPCO Bill Online:

  • Visit the official website of MEPCO at using any web browser.
  • On the homepage, locate the input section designated for the 14-digit reference number.
  • Retrieve your 14-digit reference number from your previous MEPCO bill.
  • Input the 14-digit reference number into the designated section on the website.
  • After entering the reference number, press the key “Generate Bill”.

After processing your request, the website will show your MEPCO bill for the current month. You can also see your billing history for the last 12 months to get more specific information about your records.

MEPCO Bill Unit Calculator | Know the estimated amount of your Bill 

You can also use our Mepco unit calculator to get an expected bill amount before the bill is issued. This calculator accounts for all additional taxes and charges per unit that you will incur. Although it might be challenging to stay on top of the most recent unit pricing, you can relax knowing that our online Mepco unit calculator is constantly updated with the most recent unit prices as well as updated tax information. 

You may easily verify the units consumed by looking at your power meter and subtracting the reading from the previous measurement. The amount that remains is the number of units consumed during that time. You will receive a comprehensive list with an estimated bill for those units after entering the units. Please take note that this is not the precise price, as the fuel and other taxes included by the Pakistani government are subject to change based on their needs. 


In conclusion, the advent of the digital age has revolutionized the way we manage our electricity bills in Pakistan. With the user-friendly online platform provided by MEPCO, checking your WAPDA bill has become effortless and convenient. 

Gone are the days of manual processing; now, with just a few clicks, consumers can access their bills from the comfort of their homes. This detailed guide has equipped you with the necessary steps to navigate the online process seamlessly, ensuring that you stay updated and in control of your power bills. 


How can I check my Mepco electricity bill online?

  • Go to the website
  • In the form above, enter your 10-digit customer ID or 14-digit reference number without a space.
  • To check, download, and print your MEPCO duplicate bill, click the Check Bill button.

How to check electricity bill paid or not MEPCO?

  • Go to the payments section of the myABL internet banking or mobile banking app,
  • enter your customer ID or reference number,
  • and then click OK.
  • You can view your payment status by scrolling down to the next page.

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