MEPCO Distribution Areas for Management and Supply of Electricity

MEPCO is one of Pakistan’s biggest providers of energy. There are approximately 13 districts of South  Punjab receiving a high-quality and unbreakable supply of electricity distribution through MEPCO distribution. Additionally, it has connections to five of Pakistan’s largest distribution companies: FESCO (Bhakkar), QESCO (Balochistan), HESCO (Sindh), LESCO (Sahiwal), and PESCO (KPK).

It also provides one of the best MEPCO helpline services in which they provide 24/7 hours customer support for any logical to technical fault in the MEPCO electrical system.

MEPCO Distribution Areas for electricity supply

Through this post, we will take a closer look at the locations that MEPCO oversees and the ways in which its supply and management system functions to guarantee reliable energy transmission within its purview.

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MEPCO Distribution: Power Provision and Administration

In 1998, the Multan Electric Power Company Limited was founded following the government of Pakistan’s Unbundling and Corporatization of the Energy Sector program. It is the owner of all rights and obligations about the administration and control of the Multan area’s grid stations and transmission lines.

The Mepco Electricity company had this authority from NEPRA to supply the electricity in various parts of South Punjab. It has modernized its power supply infrastructure to offer its clients consistent, high-quality power. Many of the company’s clients are in the domestic category and lifeline customers because the majority of its service region is rural.

MEPCO distribution provides a very smooth and efficient distribution of electricity supply in all regions of Punjab. To reduce the number of low voltage or tripping complaints, the company also plans to construct additional MEPCO new connections and transformers in its financial year 2023–2024

Principal Aims of MEPCO Activities

The main goal of Pakistan’s major power distribution system, MEPCO, is to provide its consumers with reliable, high-quality electricity. Among the company’s primary goals are the following:

  • Assure customers of a consistent and reasonably priced supply of power.
  • To provide power to every rural community under MEPCO’s control
  • Promote the efficient use of electricity.
  • to design, construct, and keep up a nationwide sustainable electricity distribution network
  • In order to guarantee the growth of “Sar Sabaz and Roshan Pakist

Areas Under MEPCO Distribution and Management

MEPCO Distribution Areas for electricity supply

The largest power distribution business in Pakistan, MEPCO, or Multan Electric Power business, only operates in 13 administrative districts in southern Punjab. In its service region, MEPCO provides services to more than 34 million people. The business is dedicated to providing its clients with a dependable and reasonably priced electrical supply.


City  Multan CanttM. Abad   S. R. AlamMusapakShujabad


Sahiwal-1 Sahiwal-2Pakpattan ChichawatniArifwala


Bahawalpur A. P. EastLodhran  Hasil PurModel Town

Rahim Yar Khan

Rahim Yar KhanLiaqat Pur Khanpur Sadiq Abad


Muzaffar GarhKot AdduLayyah Ali Pur

D. G. Khan

D. G. Khan-1 Rajan PurTounsa Kot Chutta


Vehari  Mailsi Burewala


Khanewal  K/WalaMian Channu


Bahawalnagar Haroon AbadChistian 

Basics of Power Distribution System

The entire process of energy generation and transmission is powered by a well-managed and controlled system. Transformers, feeders, protection devices, distributor and service main conductors, and distribution substations make up a typical power distribution system. Let’s go over each phase of the entire power distribution process in detail!

  • A transmission network provides power to a distribution substation.
  • The high-voltage energy is lowered to the primary distribution level voltage (which ranges from 2.4 kV to 33 kV) with the aid of a transformer.
  • Through feeders, the lowered voltage is then delivered to distribution transformers.
  • Once more, a service transformer lowers the voltage and regulates how it is distributed across the transmission lines.
  • A conductor transports the carefully regulated voltage that comes from a distribution transformer and delivers it to the energy users.
  • The distributor conductor at the nearby pole is connected to the customer’s end via the service mains.


What are the different types of MEPCO distribution tariffs?

Customers pay the MEPCO distribution charges for their power. The rates change based on the kind of consumer and the quantity of power used. In addition, MEPCO provides a variety of special tariffs, including rates for off-peak usage and rates for producers of renewable energy.

How can I apply for a new MEPCO connection?

You can apply online via the MEPCO website or in person at the local MEPCO office to get a MEPCO new connection. Some basic details, including your name, address, and phone number, will be required from you. In addition, there will be a connection cost.

Is Mepco private or government?

A public limited company called Multan Electric electricity Company Limited (MEPCO) was established on May 14, 1998, in accordance with government policy that aimed to unbundle and corporatize Pakistan’s electricity industry.

What is the full form of Mepco?

The full form of mepco is MULTAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY (MEPCO).

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