MEPCO Bill Online Check July 2024 | Download & Print the Latest bill

You can now check your MEPCO Bill from your Phone or any other device through Online website. Here you can view your Mepco bill amount, its due date, and meter reading for the current month. It is also available through the bill check calculator and you can also Print or download the Mepco duplicate bill on your Mobile Phone, in this way your MEPCO Bill payment can be done easily.

Enter your 14-digit reference number in the box given below to check or download your MEPCO Online Bill for the current Month.

Enter The Reference Number (14 Digits) To Find Your MEPCO Online Duplicate Bill

As you can see by just entering your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer ID, you can simply see your current month’s mepco bill Online Check. Your customer ID and reference number can be located in your previous month’s prints of your Mepco bills, exactly where they can be found in the image below:

mepco bill online check 2024

موجودہ مہینے کے لیے اپنے میپکو آن لائن بل کو چیک کرنے یا ڈاؤن لوڈ کرنے کے لیے اوپر دیے گئے باکس میں اپنا 14 ہندسوں کا حوالہ نمبر درج کریں۔
جیسا کہ آپ صرف اپنا چودہ ہندسوں کا حوالہ نمبر یا دس ہندسوں پر مشتمل صارف کی شناخت درج کرکے دیکھ سکتے ہیں، آپ اپنے موجودہ مہینے کا میپکو بل آن لائن چیک آسانی سے دیکھ سکتے ہیں۔ آپ کا کسٹمر آئی ڈی اور حوالہ نمبر آپ کے میپکو بلوں کے پچھلے مہینے کے پرنٹس میں مل سکتا ہے۔

All About MEPCO Bill:

Founded on May 14, 1998, Multan Electric Power Corporation Limited and Operator is a public limited corporation known by its acronym, MEPCO. The distribution of electricity is the MEPCO’s standard service. Its primary duty is to provide power to Multan and the surrounding communities in South Punjab, Pakistan, for use by residents and companies. 

Anyone can use our website,, by typing in a search engine query or by clicking this link to access our home page services. Obtaining a duplicate copy to see Mepco bill is simple and easy. Our Mepco Online Bill service offers a user-friendly experience and is highly dependable, transparent, and accessible.

 Areas covered under Mepco 

There are approximately 13 districts of South Punjab that are counted in the MEPCO Electricity Consuming areas and for further detail, the names of these districts are given below:

Dera Ghazi KhanSahiwalMuzaffargarh
Rahim Yar KhanPakpattan
Mepco Distribution List

This piece of information is very important as it decides which power that is lighting your house is coming from which source.

MEPCO Peak Hours | بجلی بچائیں

To reduce your electricity bills, MEPCO advises you to utilize lighter electrical appliances and gadgets during specific peak hours. To save units, it’s best to restrict your electrical use at the following times: 

From April to October, between 6:30 PM and 10:30 PM

From November to March, between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM

December to February5 pm to 9 pm
March to May6 pm to 10 pm
June to August7 pm to 11 pm
September to November6 pm to 10 pm

How to check the MEPCO Online Bill 

As also mentioned above, checking MEPCO Online Bill is straightforward and can easily be accessed through the toolbox given at the top of this page so that by only writing your 14-digit reference number or your consumer ID number in the field box you can check MEPCO Bill pay online.

MEPCO bill SMS service

MEPCO also provides online electricity bill information for the current month through SMS service, so you can get your MEPCO bill via SMS through the method given below:

  • Go to your Phone inbox
  •  just type pitc<space> 14-digit reference number
  • Then Send it to 8334

And it will immediately shows your mepco bill details.

New connection or transfer procedure

If you acquire a new property where the previous owner’s MEPCO connection is already registered, and you wish to change the name on the bill, you will need to go through the same procedure as for an MEPCO new connection. To apply for a name change, go to the closest office.

How to check Mepco Bill Payment Status

Mepco bill Payment status can be easily checked through the Online website with the same procedure as given above and it is also described below in a more simple wording:

  1. Visit website.
  2. Enter the mepco bill 14-digit reference number or consumer ID in the box.
  3. Click on the “Generate Bill” tab to check the Online Bill.

How to Read Your Mepco Electricity Bill?

To efficiently read a Mepco Bill Online Check, first, you need to visit There, you will enter your 14-digit reference number so that your Mepco Electricity Bill can be generated.

Pay close attention to the billing section, consumption details, and any applicable charges or taxes. Understanding the tariff rates and units consumed will help in verifying the accuracy of the bill. Additionally, check for any outstanding dues from previous billing cycles. Finally, ensure to review the payment due date to avoid late fees or disconnection of services.

Mepco Bill Installment and Extension Of Due Date

Submit an application to the nearest MEPCO office for the installment and extension of the bill Payments by the due date.

You must give the MEPCO hotline a call for more information. Let’s examine the degree of MEPCO officer approval needed for installation bill payment and due date extensions depending on the quantity of your bill.

  • AMO (Assistant Manager Operation) can extend the due date by 3 days for bills up to R.s 10,000 
  • DMO (Deputy Manager Operation)  can extend the due date by 3 days for bills up to R.s 25,000 
  • MO (Manager Operation) can extend the due date by 5 days for bills up to R.s 200,000
  • CE/CSD (Chief Engineer/ Customer Services Director) can extend the due date by 5 days for bills up to R.s 500,000

CEO (chief executive officer) can extend the due date by 10 days for any amount of the bill.

How to Get your MEPCO Duplicate Bill Online 2024 | Latest Update 

Now with the arrival of advanced technology, you can easily view and download your MEPCO Duplicate Bill at your destination all you have to do is Enter your 14-digit reference number in the form given at the official site of MEPCO Bill. As you enter this number your MEPCO Consumer Bill will be presented in front of you which will show all your Bill payment info and other requirements. As you see above the Bill Print Button will be present there so that you can print your Bill easily.

MEPCO Bill Online registration through CNIC

After understanding a way to check MEPCO bills online, you can also walk to the method for downloading or Printing your Electricity Bill on your Device for future circumstances. Here is a very important and easy guide for all the MEPCO Bill Consumers who are very tired of visiting different regions to get their Bill check.

How to Check MEPCO Bill 14-digit Reference Number? 

The MEPCO Bill reference number is a 14-digit number that can be easily located in the MEPCO Consumer’s Electricity Bill. On the lower left corner of your bill, directly beneath the “customer I.D.”, is where you can find this reference number as mentioned in the image given below.

mepco bill reference number in electricity bill

Once you know your Reference Number With this number in hand, you can access your bill, check its details, and make your payments easily. You can easily find your WAPDA Bill Online when checking MEPCO by entering the 14-digit number in the field given in the form. Then you can easily download or Print your form by applying the procedure mentioned above.

MEPCO Bill Online Jobs 2024 | Latest Updates

MEPCO Jobs Vacancies have arrived for all males and females throughout Pakistan, the applicant can go for any type of job he desires in MEPCO Power Company according to his eligibility criteria.

There are multiple opportunities for positions at MEPCO with various postings, so one may simply opt for the one that meets his needs, such as Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Account Officer, and many more.

Tips to reduce your MEPCO Bill pay amount 

There are several different ways and methods through which you can easily reduce or save the MEPCO Electricity Bill for every month.

Save your MEPCO Bill com and your money

Disconnect all the unused devices: Device unplugging is advised since some electronics continue to use power even while they are not in use. To save electricity and lower your expenses, disconnect electronics, chargers, and small appliances when not in use.

Use less energy-consuming devices: Choose energy-star-rated, highly energy-efficient models when making your appliance purchases. They save you money and need less energy.

Switch off unused lights: Electricity Bills can also be reduced if you switch off unused lights or make use of natural lights more.

Stop using more electricity in peak hours: Avoid consuming more electricity during the hours when rates are typically highest. Use as little electricity as possible between 6 and 10 p.m.

Use less energy-intensive kitchen appliances: When cooking, use microwaves or toaster ovens as they use less energy than traditional ovens.

Develop natural habits to save your energy: Inform your family members and roommates about energy conservation, and motivate them to adopt energy-saving practices. For example, When the phone is fully charged, unplug the charger.

Install TOU/TOD Meter

A specialized utility meter called an Install TOU/TOD (Time of Use/Time of Day) meter is made to track power usage according to the time of day. By shifting their consumption to off-peak hours when rates are lower, customers may be able to save money on their electricity bills by adopting TOU/TOD meters.

Therefore, To install this meter, if you don’t already have one, you must apply to your specific subdivision.

How to check load shedding schedule 

Electricity load shedding has grown to be a significant issue in Pakistan. And it gets worse if it is done without warning. People suffer greatly since electricity is needed for nearly all tasks.

You can now easily check your load-shedding schedule in any area you live by just entering your 14-digit reference number. The procedures to verify the load-shedding schedule are as follows:

  1. Go to the CCMS website.
  2. Click the information feeder.
  3. Click the search button after entering the 14-digit reference number in the search bar. You will receive your feeder’s entire load-shedding schedule. The feeder will be off during this period if the time is shown by the word “OFF” next to it.
  4. You must click on “search by city, grid, feeder” and provide the necessary information in order to continue if you like to search by grid station or city.

Consumer’s Safety Guideline by MEPCO

Being a beneficial source of power supply Electricity can also be the most dangerous thing if it is not used with safety precautions. A  little negligence can lead to tragic accidents. To prevent harmful incidents, it is crucial to adhere to the Top 10 safety guidelines provided by MEPCO.

  • If you come across a fallen power line, immediately report it to the nearest complaint center or call the MEPCO helpline at 061-9220169.
  • Avoid using power cables as clotheslines.
  • Never tether animals to electricity poles.
  • Always use high-quality cables for electrical wiring.
  • Employ three-pin plugs for all electrical appliances.
  • Promptly repair exposed or damaged wires.
  • In the event of an electric shock incident, use a wooden rod to free the person involved.
  • Avoid touching electric appliances when your hands or clothing are wet.

If you always follow up with the measures mentioned above you will be much more friendly with the electricity.

Mepco Customer Service Detail

One of the most popular ways to get in touch with the MEPCO electrical companies with any problems or inconveniences is through the hotline number. Here is the hotline Contact Number of MEPCO Bill Online Check:


The following is a list of phone numbers that are open twenty-four hours a day:

District NameHelpline Number
Dera Ghazi Khan064-9239229
Bhawal Nagar063-9239031
Rahimyar Khan068-9230160

Email directly to MEPCO bill Company

If you can’t reach them through a call or want to opt for another option, then here I’ll provide you with one more way through which your issue and complaint can be submitted to MEPCO Company.

You can email mepco to discuss your issue and receive a prompt response.

Email Id: [email protected]

Why Choose Online Bill Checking

There are multiple advantages of using the online bill-checking method and from those, a few are discussed below:


If you have an internet connection, you can check your bill whenever and wherever you choose. There’s no need to go to the office and wait in line.


Online bill checking is more effective and time-saving because it only requires a few clicks and eliminates the need to visit a bank or Mepco office. 

Eco friendly

Online billing is ecologically friendly since it uses a lot less paper and eliminates the need to print statements and invoices. It lessens the need for trees and the energy required for paper manufacture and transportation by doing away with paper-based operations.

Accurate Records

Online bill checking allows you to conveniently track your payment history and provides you with a digital record of your bill.

MEPCO Bill Taxes | Complete detail 

Some of the most common Tax charges are easily visible on your MEPCO Bill Pay Online, Below are the given the list of these charges with their real need in the Bill.

Fuel Price Adjustment:

The fuel pricing of rental power companies that produce electricity from crude oil and other sources is what accounts for the FPA price in the Mepco bill. When there is a change in the price of fuel, this amount is visible on your bill.

FC Surcharge:

FC stands for Finance Charge. The authorities decided to impose an FC Surcharge of 43 paisa per unit to ensure that Power Holding Private Limited’s debt servicing was collected.

TR Surcharge:

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge is referred to as T.R. NEPRA and GOP tariff differences are as follows. If the difference is positive, the GOP will pay the “Subsidy”. The Distribution Company will pay GOP the “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR)” if there is a negative difference.

Deferred Amount:

The bill’s Deferred Amount makes it simple to pay it this month or postpone payment until the following month. You have the option to pay this sum in full throughout the next month or in installments.

QTR Tariff Adj/DMC:

The Quarterly Tariff Adjustment amount is shown by QTR Tariff Adj/DMC. It reflects tariff modifications and shows up on your account every three months. You can use our online Mepco bill calculator service to calculate bills accurately.

Note: You are better able to understand the many charges on your MEPCO account and make informed decisions about your power usage and payments if you are aware of these tax-charging components.

Mepco Mis: Management Information System

MEPCO employees developed the web-based application MEPCO MIS to help with the management of the company’s operations. This application is one of the primary sources of MEPCO information. It helps its employees by giving them access to all the data about Multan Bijli Consumers in a way that is more advanced and closely watched. 


Through the MEPCO MIS application, all the customer’s details and their Billing services are thoroughly monitored and updated by the MEPCO technical team so that they can provide a very smooth and free-of-error service to their Customers.

FAQs About MEPCO Bill

Checking your MEPCO electricity bill online at is effortless. Visit our website for this purpose, and follow these steps:

  • Visit website.
  • Enter mepco bill 14-digit reference number or consumer ID in the box.
  • Click on the “Generate Bill” tab to check Online Bill.

It’s quite simple to check bill payment status. Your bill data will appear on the following pop-up page once you enter the 10-digit customer ID or the 14-digit reference number into the input box at the top in front of the reference No. heading.

A MEPCO Bill Calculator offered by Pakistan’s Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) help customers to estimate their electricity expenses. The calculator allows users to enter their electricity usage information, including units consumed and applicable rates, to obtain an estimated bill amount.

It’s extremely simple to obtain comprehensive information about previous MEPCO bills using our web service. You will receive thorough information after entering the 10-digit customer ID or the 14-digit reference code in the header box for the 12-month billing details on our website.

The process outlined above can be used to simply check the status of your Mepco bill via the online website. A more straightforward explanation of this process is provided below:

  • Go to the website
  • Put your customer ID or the 14-digit reference number from your mepco bill in the box.
  • To view the Online Bill, select the “Generate Bill” tab.

MEPCO also provides your Bill information for the current month through SMS service, so know you can get your MEPCO bill via SMS through the method given below:

  • Go to your Phone inbox
  •  just type pitc<space> 14-digit reference number
  • Then Send it to 8334

No, you cannot use your CNIC number to check your bill. For this function to operate, you must provide your mepco bill consumer ID. 

To make it correct, you can either visit the nearest Mepco office or file a complaint about the correction You can also call 061-9220169 for bill correction. You can also avail of MEPCO online bill complaint service to register your complaints of high readings, unusual load shedding, and bill correction.

You can fix the issue right away by getting in touch with the DSO office. You can make contact with MEPCO’s headquarters office immediately in an emergency. 

Increasing energy use, tariff modifications, fuel price swings, and infrastructure improvements are some of the causes of rising MEPCO bill rates. A role is also played by economic issues such as inflation and government policies.

You must adopt certain behaviour to lower your bill, such as unplugging appliances, utilising natural lighting, avoiding peak hours, letting clothing air dry, promoting energy-saving behaviour, and many more. 

Sure, paying bills online is safe as long as you use a reliable site and follow the right procedures.

No, compared to the domestic cost, the commercial cost is higher. However, when GOP authorized, you occasionally can receive subsidies on advertisements. 

Follow the steps below to pay mepco bill online through a myABL mobile app:

  1. Select the “Payments” icon.
  2. Click “new payments” and then choose “Utility.”
  3. In Biller’s name, write “IESCO – Multan Electric Supply Company.”
  4. Include the reference ID that was listed on your earlier invoices.
  5. You will receive an OTP on your registered cellphone number after choosing “Continue.”
  6. You have successfully paid your MEPCO bill online, which is greater than the domestic amount after the OTP has been authenticated. However, when GOP is authorized, you occasionally can receive subsidies on advertisements.

You can download the MEPCO Wapda Bill Online for free by visiting, entering your reference number to check the Quick Bill, and then opening the Full Bill.

You can call on 061-9220169 for bill correction.

Speak to the SDO/XEN/SE in your area. They will deal with the matter on their terms. They will direct you to the MEPCO headquarters if you need any additional help.

In your area, the poles and wires were installed prior to the construction of homes and roads. Write to the individual overseeing operations in your region. They will calculate the possible cost of removing the wires or poles. If you want them moved, this is a cost you will have to cover.

Mepco offers a variety of positions ranging from technical roles such as engineers and linemen to administrative and support roles such as HR, finance, and customer service representatives.